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A commission for my friend 4-horseman ^^ hope you enjoy!

It was quiet and peaceful in the Tekaplant Forest but soon that peacefulness would turn into a nightmare full of chaos and blood will be shed from those unlucky enough to fall victim to their seemingly harmless hugs to the face. Opregga was actually one of those victims and here is how it all started.
The night cool breeze rush past Opregga which felt like it was following him and it always reached out to him and brushed up agent him keeping him company as he walks down a lonely dirt path which was going to be his last. A sudden rustle in the bush made Opregga's train of thought break and focus on the rustling bush leafs. Just behind the leafy bush lies a creature in wait that was spelling out Opregga's doom and once he got close it strikes.
Opregga fell back from the creature lunging at his face and hugging it tightly, he then coughs as a tube was shoved down his throat but that was all he felt before passing out. The creature know as a Facehugger soon fell off and died know having done its job well by bring Opregga's final hours right inside him.
Opregga wakes up only to be greeted by an awful smell of corpses but to his surprise once his vison cleared up and he could see perfectly clear again he was taking by the fact there were in fact corpses all who's stomachs were busted open and their guts all over the floor and Opregga realized that he'll soon share the same fate because when he looked down at his belly, he looked pregnant but he was in fact pregnant, pregnant with his doom. The time wears thinner and thinner as the fully developed embryo kicks and trashes Opregga cries silent tears as his fate was sealed of being the host of one of these alien creatures and this is his final hour.
The alien offspring's wildly trashes and kicks until it tears into Opregga's womb making his throw up blood and once it bursts, Opregga cries in agonizing pain and the whole world went dark, the apocalypse has begun.
This hacker is for real! This he/she will hack your account and post pornographic pictures, only if the he/she hacks your account.  If he/she finds that you've posted this to a journal or on your page, he'll/she'll know what's going on and won't hack you. Please copy this for your safety to prevent your account being hacked
The hacker does vital region pictures around in the account page and writes in journals: "I hate you all, go die" And he/she will also remove all your watches. If this happens to me, then you know that it isn't me. I write this journal to warn everyone here. i suggest you copy this journal and warn your watchers as well. I think the hackers will not have more fun with hacking you if you and your watchers already know what could happen. You might get this message multiple times from multiple people of your watch list, but its better then not getting it. Spread the word! This hacker is going around and hacking into other people's accounts to block your friends so that your friends block you, get you in trouble, and could get you banned from DeviantART. If you get this warning, copy and paste this into your Journal and spread this to everyone
Chapter 1- Subject Z-999

Footsteps echoed down the silent corridor of marble as two scientists shuffle down and into a high-tech elevator that took them to the very top floor "How is Subject Z-999 Adam?" asked the scientists on the left.
Adam looked and flipped through the papers on his clipboard "Z-999's status is rapidly changing but for now its stable. Why do you want to know Mark?" he asks.
Mark gulps "just curious" he says and started to slowly rock on his feet.
Adam flips through more of his papers when the elevator dings and the door opens showing a long empty hall, but down the hall was a heavily, thick barred door and inside sat Subject Z-999. The subject's name plate glistens in the dimmed light of the room and below it was info on the subject but most of it was blank because they needed to do further research but from what they have, Z-999 is a creature known as a Tekaplant a very rare creature that needed further research but they were able to find one of the most powerful ones; Birth Mother.
" sure about this?" Mark says in a uneasy voice
"Don't worry...Z-999 cant break through theses bars." Adam says nearly blankly as he looks down at some test papers "alright for the first test we'll see how well Z-999 reacts with a variety of things. First off" Adam presses a button on a control bored and a ball bounces around in the room "a bouncy ball."
Subject Z-999 jumps and backs away when the ball bounced near him but soon slow down to a stop and just rolls and touches the Subject's feet. Z-999 curiously picks the ball up and closely observes it.

To be continued
Crap Im late with this thing!!

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU LOST HIM!?!?" Shouted Lavender at MouseTrap.X
"I-I don't know what happened I turn my back for a split second and he was gone!!!" MT.X argued back
"if he finds out you lost your own son he's gonna flip!" Lavender snapped.
Things weren't going so well that morning because MouseTrap.X had lost his own son, Rat.Trap. Rat hasn't learned to walk so running somewhere wasn't an option and there are no animals capable of taking Rat because he would of screamed
"This doesn't make any sense right now! I literally turn my back for a split second and when I turn back around he just poofed out of existence! How am I suppose to know what happened!?" MT.X hissed
"I don't know! But you better find out before Opregga finds out and goes literally insane!!" Lavender snarls.
While the Dragon and Robot argue the being who took Rat.Trap drags him deeper and deeper into his own dreams and thoughts  "Won't you play, the Deer Man'a Game?" Asked a ghostly but manly voice, Rat.Trap shivers in fear at the voice but wasn't able to wake up to see that the nightmares are rising.

Lavender and MouseTrap.X belong to my friend Lavenderdadragon14
Rat.Trap is mine

Omg I'm so sorry Lavender I said I would do this a while ago and I just straight up forgot QnQ
1. Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your dA page for 20 seconds.
2. Tell you a colour you remind me of.
3. Tell you what element I believe you belong to (e.g. water, fire, air, etc.).
4. Tell you what animal you remind me of. 
5. Ask you a question, and you must answer. 
6. Tell you something I like about you or your art.
7. Give you a nickname.
8. Tell you what am I watching/listening to right now.
9. Tell you what food/ flavor/smell you remind me of.
10. Tell you to do this in your journal too, if you haven't already.

LovexyHub I thank you for da meme :")
Jim Thomas owns the original Predator
Arthur belongs to MinecraftFan1971
Backstory based of an RP me and him did

Once the coast of eyes was clear I ran for it but I guess I didn't check long enough because I saw Arthur turn his head in my direction then call out. I ran faster but of course ended up tripping and falling over myself, why do I still try? I get up only to see Arthur not to far behind me and the same Predadeer from before or how I like to call him King of The Newlands standing a few feet away from me "your a courages Calf to be running away like that, but I'd hold your courage for now...your still young" he says in his kind tone "Your right...I'm getting picked on and I cower like a wimp and I can't even stand on my own 4 legs without falling." I said looking down. The Predadeer backs up a step before slowly wondering back into the woods when Arthur grabbed my back "hey you okay little guy?!" He asked, I moo at him as get up "your a reckless little guy for just running away like that" he said petting me, I purr as he pets.
Jim Thomas owns the original Predator
Arthur belongs to MinecraftFan1971
Backstory based of an RP me and him did

I ran all the way back to my herd while falling over myself like always then entered through the gap in the fence I used to get out. My mother ran up to me and nuzzles "oh don't you ever scare me like that again!" She said but in worry "I'd though you'd forget all about me" I thought.
Later that day some visitors came to our prison pen but I noticed one of them, named Arthur from what I herd from the others was always looking at me as if expecting me to do something. Like the total wimp I am I just stayed by the fence were the gap was. I jumped when I felt someone touch then pet me , I turned to see Arthur was the one petting me. His warm touch was better ten my mom's and he seemed like a good guy in my eyes. After a while I pulled away and trotted closer to the gap, luckily he didn't see me squeeze through.
I'm sick but bored... Who wants to RP?
(WARNING!: no deaths or over powered characters please and your character must be human and YOU MUST KNOW THE FULL GAME MAJORA'S MASK and this will be fan made too)
You(or OC/OCs) are in Termina field at night with the moon smiling down at you. You then see 5 children playing in the snow that leads to Snowhead but what was interesting about them was that they wore the masks of the bosses of Termina and they all wore white gowns but were dirty and torn and the monsters didn't seem to mind them as they played. Do you approach them? Or do you watch?
I own the Predacalfs/Bulls/Cow
Jim Thomas Owns the original Predator
Backstory based of an RP me and MinecraftFan1971 did

The smell of trees was new to me because we didn't have any trees back at the ranch or in my case the prison, I liked the new smells it made me feel relaxed I stretched in the fresh grass and purr loudly. I guess I'm not use to seeing other types of Predators because a Predator that also walked on four legs but had a short but puffy tail unlike mine but what made this Predator so breath taking to me was its horns on its head. I've herd what our jawless owner(humans) call Deers and I've seen the horns looking like branchy tree branches but this Predator takes horns to a whole new levels because his horns go up curve back then bent forward then go back up again. I secretly called him "King of the New lands" because of how majestic it looked, his eyes had gentle in them so my fear over him died down "you are new around here aren't you?" It asked it's voice was deep and gentle, I just nod "where did you come from?" He asked, I gestured to the prison I was trapped in "I see you came from the human's ranch" I nod "it's best if you head back...its dangerous out here and to risky for you..."'I shook my head not wanting to go back "please young one...your family is worried about you." I look back as I herd the bellows and moos of my herd  as they call for me. I looked back at the King of The Newlands and nod before running back, so much for freedom. Just as I looked back the King turns away and walked back deeper into the Newlands, I have a feeling he'll be back and I'm pretty sure he knows I'll be back again soon
I own then Predacalfs/Bulls/Cows
Jim Thomas owns the original Predator
Backstory based of an RP me and MinecraftFan1971 did

I can't believe that everyone was starring at me when the others walked away laughing, oh how embarrassing it was to see the eyes of my entire herd staring, at me. I put my head down in shame then ran off before my mother could even came up to me. I ran to the ran end of the fence but as always I tripped over myself but when I hit the fence the bored broke probably because it was a weak bored. I get up then press on through the gap of the fence just as the others bellow and moo for our owner but I wasn't stopping and I just ran for my freedom of the enclosed fields and into the world as we know it and I just ran like the wind. I felt the once watchful eyes of my herd slip away as I ran deeper into the evergreen forest.
I own the Predacalfs/bulls/cows
Jim Thomas owns the original Predator
And this is a small piece of Gravity's backstory (something me and MinecraftFan1971 are RPing about)

I stared at my mother and tall standing father who was the alpha of our herd of Predacows and Predabulls I was the youngest Predacalf in our herd and never had I thought I would one day be all alone.

It was a fine morning on the ranch and I got up on shaky legs that buckled in and made me fall but luckily my mother nudges me back up until I got my balance  and wobbled my way out. My mother led me to the hay pile were I snacked on some of the golden hay then wonder why father wasn't joining us, he use to always eat breakfast with us but now he never does what was worse is that I never see him around the ranch anymore. I trot away from the hay pile and walk past the older Predacalfs who were playing games while the oldest ones follow me, I felt uneasy as they grew closer so I picked up the pace, so did they. I look back only to fall over myself "hahahahahahahaha!!! This guy can't even walk on his own 4 legs!! Hahahahahahahhahaha!!!" They then walk away laughing while I was left there embarrassed
Can you impress the lady fox? by DarkMoonTekaplant
Lady Fox
Lady Fox
Can't you see?
How much I'd fall?
Please just see!
Lady Fox
Lady Fox
The beauty to see
Lady Fox
Lady Fox
 The Kitsune to me

Fox the Predafox (C) Me
Poem (C) Me
Original Predator (C) Rightful owner
Chapter 2- The Creature of The Night

Scar trots into the cleaning of the open fields and stretched like a cat in the grass "Its a loving night tonight!" He thought to himself and sat down his disembodied paw sitting in front and his tail neatly folded around the side of his leg when he herd a sudden scream from the forests made him jump. As quick as a bunny he dashed to the distressed screams and saw a creature he has seen before, A little Tekaplant but what made this one unique was it had orange fur with a white circle on the belly and his claws were a dark, almost black red and it wore dark blue pants but it was screaming and crying in fear as a hostile drone slowly crawls closer to it, Scar had to take action quick but before he even had a chance to do anything a creature like no other jumps out of the darkness of the shadows, its body coated in complete darkness making it impossible to tell what it was bit the glowing anger in its eyes said otherwise, landing in front of the hostile drone and rising to its hind legs making itself bigger then the Hostile Drone it roared sending the Drone running for his life. Scar stared petrified at the shadow coated creature as it stood its grounds and over the baby Tekaplant that still cried in fear, Scar's only option was to leave so he whipped around and dashed away at 90mph looking back to see the shadowed creature comfort the baby. Once Scar had lost sight of the shadowed creature and the baby he stopped "what was that thing?" Scar said "Its a creature I never seen before!" Grumbled the Hostile Drone "What were you thinking?! Attacking that poor baby! Can't you at least spare the young?!" Scar shouted angrily at the Hostile Drone "It's not my fault! My instincts kick in when they kick in and I let 'em because I can't stop 'em!" The Hostile Drone snapped. "Grouchy fella aren't cha?" Scar said In his mind so no one else herd it but him.


The shadowed creature comforts the crying infant until he had calmed by the gentle touches of the creature and the warmth of its breath. The baby Tekaplant hugs the neck of the shadowed creature nuzzling into its warmth and felt reasonably safe "its child" The mother shadow creature said but in between her words she took deep breaths "I'll always....protect matter what...." It said in a motherly tone and hugs it's baby close.

Opregga(NF),Scar, Hostile Drone (C) Me
Light (C) CazztheCreature 
Original Bongo Bongo (C) Nintendo
Chapter 1- Scar's Clan

It was beautiful and peaceful night and Scar was out prowling the area in his shadow form. The singing crickets and singing bull frogs is what made the night have voice. Scar crouched low in the shadows and leaped forwards and lands on the back of the shadow casted by a deer, the deer felt the weight of Scar even though Scar had no physical body that casted the shadow. An interesting thing Scar can do is, When in his shadow form he attacks the shadows of his prey and enemies as if attacking them physically and this can sure leave someone paranoid of their own shadow because Scar can merge with other shadows so he's co plenty invisible. The petals covering Scar's maw part ways reliving his gaping maw and his razor sharp teeth when with a swift move he bites the shadow's neck inflicting the pain into the deer physically and even then bite mark showed up on the deers neck and it soon collapsed from its head being nearly ripped off. Hoping out of his own shadow becoming a physical body again and casts his own shadow. Loading the deer onto his back Scar trots off back to his hive clan's den were he brings their hungry, 999ft Queen the deer. He drops the deer in front of her and bows his head showing respect and backs up. The Queen leans her head down and eats away at the deer's corpse. Scar licks the blood off his pearl white teeth and slippery gums and goes into a Food Storage Chamber and eats away at another corpse that was still  surprisingly fresh. After his fill in eating the corpse and getting a quick drink of water he trots back out into the Royal Chamber were his Queen lays upon her near and under her were eggs but compared to a Hatchling who are bigger than a full grown chicken the eggs were pretty big about as big as an ostrich egg but compared to Scar'z size he was bigger then a human so he was also a big bigger then a pick up truck with huge wheels but for the Queen however she can change her size at any time but her normal height is 991'703 but still continues to grow during her infinite life time.
Scar counted the eggs "966" he thought and trots away. A Warrior Drone that was armored in bones trots past Scar and into the  Armory Chamber were they keep all their armory things because it might not seem like it but Bongo Bongo's are actually very intelligent and their IQ can beat even the smartest computer there is in seconds

Scar and my version of Bongo Bongo (c) me
The original Bongo Bongo (c) Nintendo
Kiddnapped by DarkMoonTekaplant

Opregga and Foxy could hear MouseTrap X laugh from behind the receiver. Foxy grumbled in anger as she and Opregga climbed back down "Well done I must say!" MouseTrap X said "now...subject-O? I need you to report to room 90-b...alone" he added and turned the reviver off. Opregga went pale and his blood ran cold as he herd the word "Alone" and he leaned agents the wall "I-I can't do it!" He said hiding his face with his hands "hey hey hey..its gonna be alright" Foxy said gently "NO I CAN'T DO THIS!!!" Opregga cried out and shook his head "Opregga please its gonna be okay" Foxy said as she tried to get Opregga under control without hurting him "NO I CAN"T!!! I DON'T WANT TO GO ALONE!!!" Opregga cried out again this time tears fogging in his eyes and ran down his cheek. Foxy then understood Opregga's behavior. he's terrified. "If I go with you promise to face MouseTrap X bravely?" she asked calmly as she used her paw to lift Opregga's head "...Y-Yes" he replied in a voice of fear and saddens "Good...I'll walk down with you then...your on you own...but don't worry...MouseTrap X isn't such a bad guy once you get to know him" she said. Opregga started down the hall with Foxy beside him but still Opregga feared for his life

MouseTrap X is owned by Lavenderdadragon14
Foxy is owned by PlantDogs
Opregga is owned by DarkMoonTekaplant (aka me)
Kiddnapped by DarkMoonTekaplant

Foxy led Opregga to a large fuse box that was a preferable size for MouseTrap X "Alright we'll start here!" Foxy said as she opened the door with the help of Opregga. Once the two of them saw the miles and extra large wires and cables they though twice "maybe this isn't a good idea" Foxy said realizing all the trouble they may encounter just trying to plug in plugs that were twice their size "Maybe we should ask master instead" Opregga said shyly as he twists his tail. Foxy frowned not liking his idea but perhaps it was better then getting tangled in wires twice their own size or getting electrocuted then fried. MouseTrap X's voice called over the relievers "you two are smart cookies! I actually have another fuse box that's the perfect size just for you! Just head into the door to your left then take a right~" Then the receiver turned off as Foxy and Opregga headed into the room they were directed into. Foxy and Opregga entered the room only to find hundreds and hundreds of fuse boxes some of them labeled with red markings. MouseTrap X's voice entered the receiver again "Oh silly me I forgot about that! The fuse you two need to work on is at the very top...the one with the red markings on it" then he turned it back off again. Foxy looked at Opregga who's tail and hair drooped and head went down feeling incredibly dumb for his choices "c'mon Opregga" Foxy said softly "we'll get through this together" then gave him a friendly smile. Opregga didn't smile back, he only nodded and soon the two of them started climbing.

Foxy and Opregga were climbing for about 20 minuets when they finally reached the fuse "FINALLY" Foxy cried out of breath from the long climb " we just...gotta...plug in the...plugs" Opregga said in between his pants from being out of breath as he reached to open the fuse. Once the box was opened Foxy and Opregga stared in disbelief "WHAT?!" they cried as they only saw one plug in the entire box and Opregga plugged it in "YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME MOUSETRAP!!! ALL THAT FOR NOTHING!!!" Foxy cried Opregga had a feeling MouseTrap X was gonna be full of tricks.

MouseTrap X is owned by Lavenderdadragon14
Foxy is owned by PlantDogs
Opregga is owned by DarkMoonTekaplant (aka me)
Kiddnapped by DarkMoonTekaplant

MouseTrap X smiled at the Subject's confidence "Come" he said calmly and slowly walked out of the room with the subject following behind him. MouseTrap X used his screen to help illuminate the dark halls so the subject could see even though the subject had a screen of their own but since they were still not brave enough to do that alone they stuck beside MouseTrap X the whole way until they reached another dark room "this is were you will be working for now" MouseTrap said as he reached for another key pad "and you'll be working with someone else to!" he said a bit more enthusiastically then the first. Once the code was entered the entire room was illuminated and standing under a light was black and green fox with purple hearts on the shoulder blades "Howdy" she said and slowly turned her head to see the Subject "wait...WHAT?!" she exaggerated "you expect me to work with this guy!??!" the subject hid behind MouseTrap X scared from the fox's loud voice "Hush! Foxglove! Your scaring your partner!!" MouseTrap X warned which made Foxglove go quiet for a few seconds before continuing to protest "You think I'm working with this TV head...plant thing you better get your eyes checked!!!" Foxglove said "I said quiet!" MouseTrap X said more sternly then the last time "he is your new partner until I can assign a job for him to do on his own!" MouseTrap said cupping his hands together in front of him "now then have fun you to!" he said and walked away. The fox and Subject looked at each other for a moment before the Fox finally spoke "Ugh! well I guess I'm stuck with you for now huh?" she asked. The Subject nods "not much of a talker are you? ...or are you scared?" She teased "Yes actually I am!" the subject protests "well anyways names Foxglove but you can call me Foxy" she said calmly "name is...Opregga" he they admit "so are you a male or a female? I cant tell" Foxy said "I'm both" Opregga replied looking at her "...ooooookay then." she said nodding her head "so what am I suppose to do?" Opregga asked grabbing his tail and gave it a small nerves twist "what ever there is to do" Foxy replied as he slowly gets up "oh...soooo now what?" Opregga replied with another question "well...we gotta do electrical work...this way!" Then Foxy skipped down the hall with Opregga following behind them unaware of MouseTrap X watching from hidden cameras

MouseTrap X is owned by Lavenderdadragon14
Foxy is owned by PlantDogs
Opregga is owned by Meh

               Kiddnapped by DarkMoonTekaplant

The cowering Subject screamed in fear as MouseTrap X reached out to grab them "NO! PLEASE NO!!!" they shouted again as MouseTrap got a firm but gentle grip on them arms and gently yanked them out. The Subject tried their best to escape MouseTrap X's grip but he was much stronger than them so it was pointless. MouseTrap X continued to yank them until he made them fall to their knees and they begged for mercy "please!!" cried the subject as tears started to roll down their TV screen cheeks "I'll do anything you want!! Please!!" they cried again. MouseTrap X leaned closer to them then with his finger lifted their TV head's chin so they were looking at him "Anything~?" he asked with the tilt of his head and raise of his ears "Yes!!! Anything!!" they cried out. "Well in that case I guess I can spare you~ Because you'll do anything and....I kinda like you~" MouseTrap X said as he slowly stood back up and folded his hands behind his back again. The subject slowly rose up afraid of MouseTrap X shouting something like 'Did I tell you that you can stand?!' or 'GET BACK DOWN ON YOUR KNEES SLAVE!!' be he never did he just backed up a couple inches letting them get up off their knees but he noticed they starting to hesitate of getting up "Don't be so hesitant" he said calmly this made the subject feel a little more confident about themselves.

MouseTrap X is owned by Lavenderdadragon14 
Kiddnapped by DarkMoonTekaplant

MouseTrap X stepped into the room with the warm air greeting him "Come on out!" he said in a sing song voice "I know your in here~" he added as he folds his arms behind his back like a gentlemen and hunched over a bit so he was closer to the ground since he was pretty tall. No one replied back "Oh don't be shy~" he said with a flick of his tail like plug "I won't bite~!" he teased as he walked farther into the room and the door behind him closed to make sure no one escapes "Where are you~?" he sang as he started to walk around the room until he caught a glimpse of something cowering in a dark corner "there you are~" he said in a teasing voice as he struts over his feet clanging agent the floor, his gears clicking as they turned to move with his legs allowing him to walk. "No! Stay away from me!" shouted the cowering subject as it tried to hide more in the corner but MouseTrap X continued to get closer "PLEASE NO!!" it shouted again this time hiding it's face with it's hands as MouseTrap X was just inches away from them.

MouseTrap X is owned by Lavenderdadragon14 
Kiddnapped by DarkMoonTekaplant

MouseTrap X walked into a cold metal hallway his mouse like feet clanking agents the metal surface of the floor as he walks down the long hall. MouseTrap X kept his eyes on a clipboard he was holding "hmm Subject-O...I bet I'll have fun with this one" he said as he continued to read the bio on Subject-O. MouseTrap X's ears perked as he herd loud metal banging from behind a metal door and someone yelling "LET ME OUT!!", MouseTrap X grew a sly smile on his face and pointed his ears back making him look more sinister as he reached for a key pad beside the metal door and started to input the code and once the red light on the key pad turned green, it beeped and the door was then opened.

MouseTrap X is (C) to Lavenderdadragon14