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The Endless Forest Wonderland
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Candy Pod :icondarkmoontekaplant:DarkMoonTekaplant 4 0 Candy Pod Feild :icondarkmoontekaplant:DarkMoonTekaplant 6 10 Moonstar :icondarkmoontekaplant:DarkMoonTekaplant 7 3 Drone Kitsune :icondarkmoontekaplant:DarkMoonTekaplant 8 28 Hanging Tree :icondarkmoontekaplant:DarkMoonTekaplant 6 12 (RP STARTER) Where the Queen lies :icondarkmoontekaplant:DarkMoonTekaplant 10 146 Dimoni with Busters :icondarkmoontekaplant:DarkMoonTekaplant 6 0 Darkzegga :icondarkmoontekaplant:DarkMoonTekaplant 6 66 Dimoni :icondarkmoontekaplant:DarkMoonTekaplant 7 13 Tekafacehugger (PAGEDOLL) :icondarkmoontekaplant:DarkMoonTekaplant 8 154 Night V.S Death :icondarkmoontekaplant:DarkMoonTekaplant 10 48 Male Cyclophosvampier adopt :icondarkmoontekaplant:DarkMoonTekaplant 7 10 Huggle :icondarkmoontekaplant:DarkMoonTekaplant 5 66 Female Cyclophosvampier :icondarkmoontekaplant:DarkMoonTekaplant 6 3 Male Cyclophosvampier :icondarkmoontekaplant:DarkMoonTekaplant 4 0 Silverfur Fox :icondarkmoontekaplant:DarkMoonTekaplant 6 0
My trash :3


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Who do you ship Majora Opregga with? 

8 deviants said SonictheHedgehogEXE :iconsonicthehedgehogexe:
6 deviants said Other? *Comment plz*
5 deviants said Linky Hound :iconepic-hound:
3 deviants said Ben drowned (suggested by :iconkatomatic22:)


Tekaplant Commission(Closed for now)
A closed species so you can't make one of your own
Joining a series/story I make/made (OPEN)
if you want to join pay here
Request (CLOSED)
(CLOSED for now)


Ships with Opregga~ and a few others

Opregga X Noah :iconweirdpersonondeviant:
Opregga X MouseTrap.X :iconlavenderdadragon14:
Opregga X Sonic.EXE :iconsonicthehedgehogexe:
Opregga X Cazz :iconcazzthecreature:
Opregga X Shadow :iconcazzthecreature:
Opregga X Hound :iconepic-hound:
Opregga X GenkiGal :icongenkigal:
Opregga X Skye :iconaquaticfurball290:
Majora Opregga X Sprinard :icongoldenfreddyfnaflove:
Opregga X Arthur :iconminecraftfan1971:
Me X Sal :iconlavenderdadragon14: (imsosorry)
Opregga X Darryl :iconnightfurylover:
let me know if you ship one of your characters with Opregga or someone else ;)


DarkMoonTekaplant's Profile Picture
Darky/Moon Moon/Tekaplant
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I am a Tekaplant named DarkMoonTekaplant but call me anything that makes you comfortable :3
Come find me here on Soundtrap!…


What humans think towards these characters
Opregga- Masked feelings
Nessy- Symbol of hatred
Demon-  Satan's rebirth
Deathwing- Death is near
Wingdeath- Fallen angles
Arthur: Boomer I dare you to stay still for 5 minuets.
Boomer: you got it
*2 minutes later*
Boomer: *fidgety*
*2 minutes later*
Boomer: *shaking and fidgeting*
*1 minuet later*
Boomer: Seisure 

MinecraftFan1971 oops
Dimoni makes pods for her Busters with her Host Poison and the pods are called Candy Pods for they in fact smell sweet, like candy and they can change color as well
Dimoni can change the color of her Host Poison,her horns even,color of her eye, and gums

Stuff about me

Importing things to remember about our Rps!
Feel free to Rp with me I love Rp
If you want to do a NSWF rp feel very free but just note me and how you want it to go (Vore for example)
Please do not kill any of my Ocs or characters unless i say its okay
Please be patient if I'm late with rps
Your Stay, Watch, Favorite, and Comment are very much appreciated
Don't be mean to any of my friends
don't say crap about my art work because I don't care how bad it looks if I'm happy with it,leave it as that! I don't care what you say
If your a hater towards me...have fun with that
Please Don't Judge me for my love to Mpreg, vore and birth okay? Don't Judge me because I don't judge others and I wont judge you
I love dark, creepy and gory things!
Me and my friend :iconcazzthecreature: Own a Fnaf au called Five Nights In Horror

I own a closed species called Tekaplant so you may not make one for yourself unless you already bought a commission for it and joined my 2 groups
I'm a HUGE SUCKER for Majora's Mask and even own a small AU of it :3
I REALLY love it when people draw my characters because it makes me feel like people actually like my Oc's and/or characters
Please do not steal or use my artwork without my permission!

The Roamers of the Tekaplant Forest- :iconcazzthecreature::iconlordrabbid::iconweirdpersonondeviant::iconpennythegreatpokemon: :icon4-horseman:

The Subject in The House of Contamination- :icon4-horseman::iconkittyspirits::iconsonicthehedgehogexe::iconaquaticfurball290::iconthedankteky::iconweirdpersonondeviant::iconsqueakiergerm8::iconmr-zealandia::icondragonendertheend:

:heart:~:IRL Senpia/Boyfriend: :heart: ~:iconweirdpersonondeviant:~ :heart:

Real life friends: :iconweirdpersonondeviant: and :iconsmashingthepast:

My Senpias~ :heart:~:iconxxsmiledogxxydra::iconnightfurylover::iconthedeadcancer::iconlavenderdadragon14::icondragonendertheend::iconcazzthecreature::iconplantdogs::icongoldenfreddyfnaflove::icondennlin::iconlovexyhub::iconmoracalle::iconxxtoxiccakexx::iconstormysocks::icongayninjasoup::iconthedankteky::iconbloomysunshine::icon4-horseman::iconpennythegreatpokemon::iconlssjgoku53::iconmr-zealandia::iconaquaticfurball290::iconsonicthehedgehogexe::iconkittyspirits::iconfurry-boss-monster::iconlordrabbid::iconkanusthetrainer::iconthundertheboxhead::iconreplacedlemon0::iconalice765::iconepic-hound: :icongenkigal::iconsmolsaladfingers::iconuillani::iconx-flowey9009101::iconmach9thehedgehog::iconcupidsans::iconminecraftfan1971: :~:heart: Hurt these precious baes I'll eat your soul

Best Roleplayers: :heart:~:iconnightfurylover::iconlovexyhub::iconsonicthehedgehogexe::iconmach9thehedgehog::iconaquaticfurball290::iconcazzthecreature::icon4-horseman::iconplantdogs::iconsmolsaladfingers::icongenkigal::iconlavenderdadragon14::iconlordrabbid::iconkanusthetrainer::iconepic-hound::iconlssjgoku53::iconpennythegreatpokemon:~:heart: (if you want to be in here let me know ^^)

My preciouses Son Baby Bendy-:iconsmolsaladfingers:
The best Zelda Role Player :iconaquaticfurball290:
The Best Role Player of House of Contamination :iconsonicthehedgehogexe:
The ones who role play the best! :icon4-horseman::iconmach9thehedgehog::icontotallynotnova2004::iconcazzthecreature::iconplantdogs::iconminecraftfan1971::iconlavenderdadragon14::iconnightfurylover: :iconepic-hound: :iconlordrabbid: :iconsonicthehedgehogexe:

My Favoirte Character I have Made~:heart: Opregga Stamp by PlantDogs

Stamps :3
Sprinard and Majora Opregga Page-Doll by GoldenFreddyFnafLove
plague doctor_002 by bbagels
I tried... I can't anymore by JustYoungHeroes
It Never Ends.. by electr0kill
My Head is a Very Dark Place Stamp by CRIMlNALS
M00n by electr0kill
5 by s-k-i-e-s
Error by JustYoungHeroes
Knife Stamp by CRIMlNALS
glitch stamp by tanninghides
Paranoia Stamp by CRIMlNALS
I Heart Bats 2 by poserfan
Majoras mask stamp by May-Lene
Skull Kid by fricken-pimp
i love majora mask stamp by crazysistahs
Majora's Mask Stamp 2 by paridox
Majora's Mask Stamp by WaterFaerieNaomi
LoZ - Song of Healing by Cathines-Stamps
Team Keaton Stamp by IrisHime
Team Twili Stamp by IrisHime
Team Sheikah Stamp by IrisHime
::I :heart: Keatons:: by Danny-Paint
Omega NSFW stamp by Lavenderdadragon14


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